How can i give the mcq test & i did not understand this line?

***answer an MCQ test which carries 40% weight


Bro, It is about of certification Test
After complete of training of bolt iot then you will give the exam for training certificate
And In this exam, you will have to do 3 tasks

  1. Answers an MCQ test ( which has 38 questions in limit time 45 minutes )
  2. You make a project on Bolt Iot & Shoot a project video and build with Bolt ( which carry 22 marks )
  3. Answers any two questions asked by other students on ( which carry 8 marks ).
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Don’t think too much difficult …After completion of lecture you can appear for a QUIZ…That’s only the MCQ questions we have to answer…This QUIZ will be answered for a completion of every topic

How can I get regular MCQ test

Hi @pranjalgogoi1999,

Can you tell me what exactly do you mean by regular MCQ test?

Each topic has MCQ questions that needs to be answered.

Please explain the function of temperature monitoring system

The function of the temperature monitoring system is as follows:
The LM35 sensor fetches the temperature (T) of the surrounding.As ambient temperature changes, so does the current flowing throught it. LM35 consists of a voltage divider circuit of itself.
The voltage value is converted into degree celcius by the following formula:
T=r/10.24 where r is the reading of the bolt module.
and the bolt module collects this data.Then the temperature value is compared with the specified temperature range.
If it’s outside the range, then an alert is received on twilio (or any other app as provided in the code).

How can i Get regular mcq test i am not finding it??

Have you completed 100% of your course?

No i haven’t completed my course yet i have started this week.

Are you asking related to the quiz that is present at the end of every module?

The Final MCQ test is regarding grabbing the Completion Certificate of the course. You need to score at least 50% to qualify for the certificate.

Let me know if you need any more information.

I am getting an error as i have mentioned in the above screen shot

I think you have missed the section “Setup the Bolt Python Library”. Make sure to go through every section in every module.

In there we install the boltiot package for python. When you write ‘from boltiot import Bolt’, your program calls ‘Bolt’ library into the program.

One more correction - mybolt.isOnline()