How should I turn off Bolt after doing 1 product

how should I turn off my Bolt after doing 1 product i.e. for light monitoring system should I just unplug the Bolt or should I disconnect the product ? #hardware-integration

hello. it is always safe to connect/disconnect the items when the plug is off. so therefore, first unplug the bolt and then disconnect the connections to avoid any damages to the circuit and the items used.

you first disconnect the power supplied to the bolt iot module and then the bolt automatically switches off .if you are using the usb cable which comes with kit to power the bolt iot module then do please disconnect it else if u are powering your bolt iot module by some other means do please switch off or disconnect the power supplied to bolt

@gauravborade618 U can just switch off your power supply. they will be no issue in the device

It would be better if you disconnect the product because it will get wifi module enough time to terminate and then unplug it frim power supply.

It does not matter if you directly switch off the bolt Wi-Fi module or disconnect the module its more preferable to disconnect the module from cloud then unplugged it.

First you just unplug your USB cable and the connection will automatically off…instead off resistors connect on them used in Light monitoring system. After unplugging, u have to remove other components