How to connect arduino uno and bolt iot module

I have installed the arduino helper library already in my arduino ide. I have connected arduino uno nad bolt iot with help of some forum related topics. Now I tried runnig a sample code of using arduino IDE hardware serial port . But nothing is showing up. I am having problems in api. Like when i am running api urls in browser . it is showing sucess but how to integrate that in codes. I wanted to make a distance montinoring system with ultrasonic sensor . i wanted the data to show in form of bar graph in bolt cloud dashboard through arduino. Even after running api urls how to send data to bolt cloud . Please can anyone help with all these doubts . I know these are lot of doubts but it’ll mean a lot if somebody can help and a make video tutorial

@harshitvjaiswal Can you please share a screenshot of your code, configurations and circuit connections so that we can help you with the issue.