How to connect bolt device to arduino

how to connect bolt device to the arduino device

Hello Araj, I am assuming that you are familiar with ADC pin (A0) and other GPIO pins of Bolt device.
As you can make GPIO pins of bolt device as input and output and same in case of arduino. Now connect the input pins of the arduino to the output pins of Bolt device and vice versa. Now read the input pint of the arduino and can give commands as you want to bolt device or other circuit to which you have to control.
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you have to understand more scuch as:
Arduino works on 5v but bolt device works on 3.3v, therefor you can not directly connect the pins of both devices. You have to drop down the voltage of arduino pin from 5v to 3.3v by using voltage divider circuit on each pin which you want to connect with bolt device.

Or we can also use UART communication where Rx and Tx pins of bolt are connected to the gpio or UART of the Arduino. For more info u can refer the link