How to connect wifi by using mobile wifi

I don’t have wifi connection so i m tried connecting through other mobile data but wifi is not connecting.
I showing not access to internet but phone 4g internet. Blue light not turning to green
Please help me in this

hi @shruti_kumari. first turn on the mobile hotspot, then choose your moblie hotspot in the given networks.

Many are facing this issue. Just turn on the hotspot on your 4G enabled mobile. Then go to the bolt app, see for the available networks. I am sure that your personal hotspot should show up. If not connect your mobile to some other device hotspot, so that both your phone and wifi module are connected to the device network. Thank You.

its not working …its showing me no access to internet

You can only connect to home Wifi

mobile only use for to connect Bolt wifi model and home wifi
and mobile should be connected to home wifi

Note the following cases and see in what stage the error is arising
ON- Blue (Transmitting Hotspot)
Blinking Slow - Lost the connection to Wifi Router
Blinking Fast - Hotspot Connected
Blinking stable - Connected to Wifi Router

@RJRohit98 NO! that is not correct. You can complete the whole training with a phone’s hotspot.

Do not discourage new comers by posting incorrect information😵.

Hey @shruti_kumari I see your problem.

I think your internet is Off and so your phone is not able to connect to Bolt WiFi.

Wanna know why Internet is required for that??

Because if you go to your Wifi settings …You will find that Bolt WiFi is secured and requires a password to connect.

And that password is accessed through the boltiot App when you Sign-in with your registered E-mail.

And so The Bolt App requires Internet to access the Password from the bolt cloud.

Turn ON your Data in phone which has the bolt app and do everything from start “AS PER the INSTRUCTIONS” and it should work.

Let me know if you further face an issue😉.

Hello guys!!
Even I had the same problem but the best solution that I came with is use two phones ON HOTSPOT in one phone and connect other phone and bolt wifi module with the same network.(i.e hotspot of the other phone)
If anyone have any doubts can ask me.

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First trun on the mobile data and hotspot on your mobile and connect the wifi network of your mobile to bolt device… that’s it

I tried using mobile hotspot 11 months ago but it didn’t connect to mobile hotspot so that’s why from my experience I have told that. If you have connected bolt wifi module to mobile hotspot PLZ tell me also the procedure.


Try as: -

  1. Download Bolt app on your mobile and create an account on cloud.
  2. Now try to connect your mobile with Bolt WiFi module.
  3. Now try to connect your mobile with available wifi network and select the wifi network in the app so that the wifi module can get access to your wifi network.
    Hope you will be connected to internet and green led will be stable.

Here is the procedure bro!

In order to connect your bolt and link it using mobile wifi, you’d require two 4G enabled mobile phones

  1. A phone in which you’d have the bolt iot app installed(downloaded from playstore) which will act as a screen/display/control medium of your bolt device.

  2. A phone which would be used as a medium of internet (you’d switch on the mobile data) and give hotspot from the phone.

Now follow the following steps:-

1)- switch on the mobile data and hotspot from one of the phone devices.
2)-Connect the bolt iot device to laptop or charger socket and switch it on.
3))- Open the bolt iot app on the other phone and press on add a new device button. It will begun configuring. Follow the steps. And you’d end up connecting it via wifi. Continious Green light on the device indicates internet and blue light indicates connectivity of bolt to wifi app.

You can use your phone’s mobile data to connect another phone, tablet, or computer to the internet.

  • Turn on your hotspot
  • On the other device, open that device’s list of Wi-Fi options.
  • Pick your phone’s hotspot name.
  • Enter your phone’s hotspot password.
  • Click Connect.