How to Control BOLT device over Cloud? If its registered sucessfully

Anyway thanks, now my bolt is registered to cloud . Next thing I want is, How to control bolt device from remote location?

Over wifi I was able to control since my laptop and bolt were under same network…Thats fine…It will not work if go out of range of wifi…That i understood…

Now, Since i want to control my bolt remotely How to Do???

My Scenario:

  1. Bolt device connected to my wifi.
  2. I am using laptop at other location.
  3. Now since both are now in different network, how to control Bolt device now??

As my bolt device is registered over cloud, will i be able to control from different network??

Sorry If i am confusing you, I am not getting solutions to these over internet…

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

It’s perfectly fine to have these doubts. The answer to your question is yes, you will be able to control your Bolt device even if your Bolt is connected to a different wifi network and your laptop is connected to a different network, provided both of them have a working Internet connection.
This is possible since the commands are not sent by your laptop to the Bolt over the Wi-Fi network, but instead they are sent to the Bolt Cloud which sends it to the Bolt Device. This process enables you to control your Bolt Devices remotely.
I hope this answers your query. Do let me know if you have any further doubts. :slight_smile:


The simple answer to your doubts is Yes.

The older outdated version of Bolt only had the feature of local control and monitoring use.
But now all Bolts can be controlled and monitored over the internet if they have access to Bolt cloud.

Once you have registered your device to the Bolt cloud i.e. it should be visible on your dashboard on the site, from here on it doenst matter to which network your bolt or your laptop are on as long as both have internet access you will be able to control or monitor basically from anywhere on the globe.

Thank you sir!:slight_smile: My device not visible on dashboard after registering over cloud.

Guys, Everyone is having same doubt so please give proper steps over youtube so that it might help others.

Or else i will create a youtube tutorial if possible …Please help out “My device is not visible on dashboard” :see_no_evil:


Can you tell me your Bolt device Id and your registered email id on cloud. @rahul.singh will look into the query

BOLT id: 1373850

My device is not visible on dashboard" :see_no_evil:

@kundaikarpranav10 Thanks ! My device is not visible on

BOLT id: 1373850

@datta.naik BOLT id: 1373850

@harish17031997 We have linked the device to your account from our system. You can check if the device is now available on your dashboard.