How to create an android app using python with bolt cloud api

I want help regarding a project, I am trying to build my own android app for this project. I need help on how to use python for building android app. In this project I want to unlock a door using my android app. I am also integrating a smart door bell which capture the image of a person who rang the bell. If the owner is not at home he still gets to know who rang his bell and can open the door using his android phone. Any help regarding the android application would be appreciated. And also I am using arduino uno r3 for the camera.

Hi @mehtasiddha,

If you know the basics of Androids and then it becomes very easier to build app using Bolt Cloud API.

Each languages has in-build packages to trigger API. Based on the condition, you have to just trigger the API.

For exmaple :

val textView = findViewById<TextView>(
// ...

// Instantiate the RequestQueue.
val queue = Volley.newRequestQueue(this)
val url = ""

// Request a string response from the provided URL.
val stringRequest = StringRequest(Request.Method.GET, url,
        Response.Listener<String> { response ->
            // Display the first 500 characters of the response string.
            textView.text = "Response is: ${response.substring(0, 500)}"
        Response.ErrorListener { textView.text = "That didn't work!" })

// Add the request to the RequestQueue.



Do let me know in case you need any other information.

It is Kotlin and I am not able to use it in my project, as I am not familiar with Kotlin. Can you please help me with python in android studio? I have the code ready in python but I want to give it as backend in my android app.