How to delete bolt device from bolt cloud account

How do I delete bolt device from my cloud account?

I wanted to clear one thing first that do you want to delete bolt device or any product from your bolt cloud account ?

Please let me know !

In case of " Deleting Product ", you can refer to below screenshot :point_down:

In case of any doubt please let me know.

Thank you !

I want to delete the device from my cloud account permanently. The method given in the documentation hasn’t been updated since long time.


Please share your email ID of the Bolt Cloud over here.

We’ll update you here, once the device is removed from your account.

Its actually on my friends account the email id is If you want you can confirm with him.


Please ask your friend to post the same on this thread. Post confirmation, we’ll go ahead.

Hello I’m Ishaan Shanbhag. I want to permanently delete IOT Device from my account.


I’ve taken forward your request, will update you in this thread once it is done.

Hi @ishaanshanbhag28 ,

Your device is unlinked from the account

Do let me know in case you need any other information.