How to detect Temperature(LM35) and Light(LDR) at a time using Bolt

I want to detect temperature and light both together at a time using Bolt, as both the LDR and LM35 sensors are being connected to A0 pin of Bolt. So will bolt send to values to the system.
Or is there any other way to do this.

OR CAN I Connect one sensor to A0 and the other to TX/RX/1/2/3/4 (IDK what are these pins used for)

NO,if u connect both the devices in the same pin then it will not working…As lm35 is an active device,so you have to connect it in a separate power supply line whereas LDR is a passive sensor so it requires separate too.

NO, you cannot connect the LM35 sensor and LDR sensor in same pin as as the values of both the sensors will be merged and bolt will receive a faluty values also LM35 is a active device and LDR is a passive sensor.

Both the sensors provide analog voltage as output. It is the role of an ADC(Analog to Digital Converter) present on the Bolt module that converts this voltage to a digital(integer) value.
However, Bolt module has only one ADC, and so you need added circuitry with multiple ADCs to read multiple analog values. Also, there does not seem to be any guide to connect the Bolt to external ADCs, as they mostly use I2C interface.
So, the only option is to use an Arduino UNO, which has 6 ADC channels and then to make it communicate serially with Bolt via its UART pins.

since LM35 is an active sensor and LDR is a passive one the Module may display wrong values.Moreover be sure that power and GND pins aren’t in contact with eachother as it will lead to damage of the BOLT Module.