How to get username and password to access digitalocean droplet

Hello sir, I didn’t get mail of username and password to access digitalocean drpolet. I’m using windows 8 operating system. There is no any video or document regarding how to access digitalocean drpolet in windows. Can you please help me in how to access digitalocean drpolet in windows operating system??

@ommayur997 Username is “root” and password is the one which you have given while creating the digital ocean droplet. As for accessing digital ocean droplet in windows, you need to install a software called Putty. It is given in the course. Kindly go through it for better understanding.

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to access the droplet, you will need to download the software “puTTY”. the instructions regarding that are given in the course. Your username is root and the password is te4he one you made while creating the digital ocean account.

Hi @ommayur997
To access to the digital ocean droplet, you will need a computer software named “puTTY” and SSH via PuTTY offers a quick, easy way to securely access a UNIX shell environment from your Windows system.
After accessing to the digital ocean server you will be provided a server IP address and password for your server.
Use it in the puTTY software and you will be able to access from your Windows OS.

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Hello sir,
This user name ‘root’ will be same for everyone as I too didn’t received any mail related to username.My os is Windows10.

Hello sir,
After logging in ,in the putty password change option is not coming.Can you please check the above screenshot and let me know what is wrong in this so that I can carry on with my course.
Thank you

Hello @pallavikarangle
Refer to this youtube video
for changing your root password
And by default every username is “root” so I suggest you to not change the username as changing the username can cause trouble in your programming.
And in your screenshot of the puTTY software seems that everything is okay. You are good to go for further training👍
and there is no such requirement for the latest version in the boltiot training , you can proceed with lower version also

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Thank you so much @moazzammahmood8090 for your help .It really helped me and now I am able to carry on with my remaining course.

Thank you

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Thank you, I got the solution.

Thank you, I got the solution