How to make another line in bar graph

Please tell me how to make a straight line on bar graph to indicate highest temperature as the instructor once showed in the training because right now I am only able to make one variable on the bar graph but I want a straight line indicating maximum temperature.

hello @rijak.singh.official
If you want to have a straight line with lots of points in it as shown in tutorial, you must take more than 10 different readings at different time intervals in the day… And if you want to mark the highest temperature, all you have to do is take your cursor and place on it , you will see the highest point…
But if you are interested in combining two graphs at a time… Please go through the link below…

If you still have queries , go through the boltcloud docs.
Hope this helps… :slight_smile:


Inorder to get the highest temperature reading, we first need a straight line graph with a lot of points on it. For that, take 15-20 tempreature readings in a day spaced approximately 45 minutes between each new reading. To mark the temperature you require (like the highest temperature), just place the mouse pointer on the straight line graph.

It worked for me, so it should work alright for you too.
Have a nice day!!