How to Power Boltiot board by a 9V battery

I am working on a project where the boltiot board needs to be placed at a remote location. So powering it from a mobile adapter is quite problematic. I want to power it using a 9V battery. How to do it? Any kind of help or suggestion would be appreciated

I used a mobile powerbank of 10,000mAH Li polymer Battery , and will work for days if not weeks.

You can either build a voltage divider circuit using 1k and 1.5k ohm resistors and get 5V across the 1.5kohm resistor or use a simple IC7805.
A picture showing connections is given below.

Or if you have a power bank and the area is secure enough for you to leave it there, you can use one!

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Power-banks are a good idea but don’t use fast charging ones as the module doesn’t require 18W of power. If you’re planning to leave it out in the open be sure to cover the module inside a box or something.
Also cold temperature below 4 Celsius can cause damage to the module like some led lights might malfunction.
Please don’t ask how i know this. XD

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Yeah u can use power though but it’s not a industry grade solution for a problem so i suggest you to use IC7805 which is cheap and get the out 5v and give it through 5v pin and gnd pin on module of Bolt.

the use of IC7805 is good but you can also make a voltage divider circuit to get the desired output of 5V.
the voltage divider circuit is a good alternative. both the ways are cheap and good.
best of luck for your future project.