How to program the wifi module or any other nodeMCU

I am having 2 ESP12e modules. One is the nodeMCU and the other is the bolt wifi module,however i don’t know about how to program these Iot devices. I had tried searching online about these and the most common response I found was that to copy a link at the arduino IDE.
Well all of those were fine…but everytime I try that it shows me ‘error in downloading file’ in the console. I want to know if there are any mistakes in this. If yes please let me know and also what else alternative can I
follow to program it accordingly.
Please help

Hi @sankar.sen06,

For the NodeMCU you will have to write a program for the firmware of the device. We cannot help you with regards to the NodeMCU. Also the Bolt WiFi module does not allow you to change the firmware on the ESP8266 built into it.

If you are trying to program the Bolt WiFi module, you can go through our documentation regarding the same.