How to receive direct alert messages on phone or gmail or something...?

Can i change the path of receiving messages of alertness from cloud graph to another medium like gmail or something like that… help me plzzz …
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@mohamedzubayr Yeah definitely ! While you proceed the course , you would be able to learn on how to create alert messsages via ‘sms’, ‘e-mail’ and even messenger applications like ‘Telegram’ using a bot . There you will learn on ‘Twilio’ to trigger alerts via sms , phone call and messages . Hope it will be useful to you ! :smiley:

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@mohamedzubayr Yes, you can. But for receiving alerts on sms and email you need to be a pro user of bolt( charges applied). You can configure alerts below products tab.

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@viveksangare22 thnx for replying buddy :):smiley:

@gkarun876 yea… it is useful to me… but what is ‘Twilio’? :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:

@mohamedzubayr Twilio is a API ( Application Program Interface ) for sending sms, email etc…
For further reference visit🎉

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@gkarun876 thnx again

You will be taught how to use Twillio for phone calls, messages etc and Mailgun for E-mail alerts.
You will have to make a separate configuration file on putty for the same.

bro for sms and calling bot on phone we can use some messaging and calling api with python code like nexmo api,msg91,fast2sms etc as they provides demo credits points. these api are much easier to use with python than others like twilio and mailgun .Also provides more credit points for demo purposes.