How to reconnect Bolt module to wifi network

I am unable to reconnect my bolt module to my phone as it is asking for password but i have not setup anything thing like that. the first time i connected it to the phone it got connected directly to the bolt module.
The bolt module has some password.

You have to give your wifi password to it so that it can get access to the Internet

Hi @lan1colaco the same issue happened with me, you can connect to your WiFi, give your password and check if the bolt module reconnects with your phone.
If the above way does not work, there is one more way of solving the problem simply click on ‘add device’ on the Bolt app, do the setup process again and the bolt module will be connected to your phone.
This will help you solve the problem.

The password is the WiFi password or the hotspot password , if you have changed the connectivity option or changed the password of your wifi/hotspot it way ask u the password.
The other reason for it is if you have changed the connectivity option like once you had connected to the the Wifi named hello and now if your mobile is now connected to the another Wifi setup the also it many ask the password.Make sure you use a single Wifi setup for bolt module.

Thanks for the info i had done the same thing and it worked.

Welcome @lan1colaco!