How to register to BOLT cloud

I am not able to register to the bolt cloud. I am using this link and running through my phone hotspot. Not working still. Help me.

Hi ,

Make sure that you have an account on Bolt Cloud i.e.

##For Bolt Hardware Version 2 (White Color Bolt)

  1. Download Bolt IoT app from Google Playstore or Apple AppStore
  2. Login to the app using the same account details as created on
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to link your Bolt Device to your Bolt cloud account.

For Bolt Hardware Version 1 (Green/Blue Color Bolt)

If Blue LED is blinking continuously

  1. Check if all the bold sd card files are present in Bolt SD card. If any file is missing then download all the bolt SD card from and copy it to the root folder of SD (Root folder means the first folder that opens when you click on your SD card icon).
  2. There are two Wi-Fi modes in Bolt:
    1. Bolt creates its own hotspot network for setup purpose.
    2. Bolt is connected to a Wi-Fi network for Internet access.

I suggest you connect the Bolt to your home Wi-Fi network or a Mobile phone hotspot. Search for the file with name bs.txt in the root folder of the SD card. Inside bs.txt you will find two variables ssid(Wi-Fi name) and password(Wi-Fi password). Type the credentials in front of those variables and press enter. Save the file and then Insert the SD card in Bolt and restart. See example below:

If Blue LED is stable

This means the Bolt device is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Do the following steps to link your Bolt device to your Bolt Cloud account.

  1. Find the IP address of your Bolt device
    When you connect your laptop to bolt hotspot then bolt has a static IP but when you connect your Bolt to other Wi-Fi network then bolt has a dynamic IP. In that case, you have to find Bolt IP using Advanced IP Scanner software ( or in case Advance IP scanner is not working then you can download Fing APP( ) on your mobile. (Make sure your bolt and mobile should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. )
  2. Update Bolt Firmware
    You need to ensure that the Wi-Fi network the Bolt is connected to has Internet access enabled and type the following command in your web browser to update the bolt firmware version.:
    For example
  3. Register the Bolt Device
    After updating the Bolt device the next step is to link the device to your Bolt cloud account. Type the following command in your web browser:
    For example:

Let me know in case you need further assistance

The ip address for updating BOLT firmware is not working. It keeps on loading and nothing is happening.


The update process takes sometime and the connection of the Browser and the device will be lost since the Bolt device is restarting. Please type the following command
and send me the output that you are getting.

bolt_ip/version command is doing nothing. It just keeps on loading for a long time.
Moreover I am not able to register to bolt cloud. I am using this link
I am having green bolt board and tried to update my bolt firmware using bolt_ip/update but it still keeps on loading for a long time.


Can you please share your content details with us so that we can get in touch via call to solve this issue?

contact no - 9675868820

@v.pandey07 ,
Also, share the device id. The name of the bolt Hotspot is device id.

device id - BOLT3604124

I cant connect BOLT to cloud…I have tried almost everything.My cloud id is and BOLT Id is BOLT9172679

Hi @bijoymogor ,
Can you please check your device id again, because this device is already registered with .

{“Bolt Hardware Version”:“1.1.0”,“Firmware Version”:“2.0.1”}

Hello @rahul.singh i got response from as

{"Bolt Hardware Version":"1.2","Firmware Version":"1.3.1"}

But when i wanna update the firmware by says


I am unable to add device in the . when i wanna add my bolt with the android app it says "please wait " and did not add my bolt to cloud . I have connected my pc and bolt with same phone which have internet connection using the wifi . but still have the problem.

Please help me to solve the issue


Bolt IoT app is designed for bolt hardware version 2. You will not able to do the setup using Bolt IoT App.

Please send your device id and email id to
The name of the bolt hotspot is device id.

Thanks @rahul.singh . I have send my device details to . Can it possible to update my device Firmware version remotely ?

Hi @REMO ,

I have reset your device from cloud. Follow the device registration again using Bolt IP.

Do let me know in case you need any help.

first create an account on bolt IoT cloud by going to
download the boltiot app from app store or play store , loginto the using same account detail u created on and follow the instruction on the screen and you make it.