How to remove this usb cable from it

Hi, its the same issue that i encountered. There is nothing to worry about this situation . Be patient and remove it with little of your strength. Do not press the wifi module with pressure. Hold the edges , remove it then . It would take some time as safety of wifi module is our prime concern.

Every time we use the Bolt module, carelessly removing and connecting to the port in the module may damage the port. It’s better to keep the USB cable attached to the module always so that only connection b/w laptop and bolt module must be every time we use it.
Otherwise slowly with care, without pressing the edges and the components in module , remove the cable.
The material Bolt provides is having high standard quality and is an asset for our development of skills in IOT.

Don’t just panic about that , you just need to apply a little pressure while removing but hold the module in such way that you are not pressing the module. just hold the edges and remove it