How to share project

i have done the quizz but idk how can i share the project vieo please help!!

hey @rishipopat04
If you want to submit your internship project you can always use the given link by the BOLT IOT
and before submiting the project make sure you have completed all the task done given by the BOLT IOT
I hope my answer is helpful for you

Use link given by BoltIot for sharing the video you prepared for submission of project.
Before submitting make sure that all files related to submission are in single folder and upload them using link.
You just need to open link for submission let say link for option 1, if you chosen option 1. You will get the site where you have to upload the files, at that time you open the dedicated folder and upload files.
Hope this cleared your doubt.

Bolt has provided you the link for submission of your project for which ever the course you are involved in please do check with it

Please read carefully about the instructions page of your intership. There is a link below to submit your project.

For submission of project first read all instructions then there is link for project submission. You need to open that link then on that link you can submit your project.

After logging into the bolt iot link :link:
In course: goto internship later on you can see option 1& 2 to submit option 1 goto link of option 1 to submit & for option 2 goto link of option 2

Bolt has provided the link for submission of project for which ever the courses are there. Please check with it

hey someone plz guide me exactly what type of explanation video is needed for project submission.
i mean do I need to record myself while explaining code logic or I should present screen while explaining code

You can present the screen while code explanation.