How to turn on bolt

I want to use bolt and i first want to know how to setup/start the botl

For setting up the bolt:

  1. Download the Netplug app
  2. On your mobile hotspot and connect to BOLTXXXX (where XXXX denotes the BOLT ID)
  3. Connect your mobile to that particular hotspot
  4. Open the NETPLUG App and click on the BOLT ICON
    5.Enter the Wifi name and password and then say save and restart.

If the BOLT is connected to the wifi the blinking blue LED becomes stable.

To setup Bolt WiFi module you’ll need a USB cable and have to download Bolt IoT app which is available in Google Play Store and App Store.
Login to the app using the credentials of Bolt cloud account. If you don’t have one, create it.

  1. Connect your Bolt WiFi module to laptop or Android charger. You’ll see the Blue light blinking slowly which indicates that your device has turned on.
  2. Open the Bolt IoT app in your mobile and click on add device. Then turn off the mobile data and WiFi on your mobile.
  3. Bolt module starts its own WiFi hotspot. You’ll have to connect to this hotspot. Password for the hotspot will be mentioned in the instructions in the app.
  4. You have to choose your WiFi network and login to you WiFi network and press connect to connect to internet.
  5. Finally click on save to complete the setup process.

Green and Blue lights must be on and must be stable indicating successful setup.
Now you can login to your Bolt cloud account.

To setup your Bolt module. You need to follow these steps;

  1. Download Bolt IoT app from the Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. Connect your BOLT WiFi module to mini usb cable(Android charger). You will find that your BOLT module is blinking a blue light. Hurray!! your BOLT module has been turned on.
  3. Open the BOLT IoT app in your smartphone and click on add device. You need to turn off your mobile data and WiFi.
  4. Now connect to the BOLT module using WiFi. The userid looks like BOLTXXXX. here XXXX is your BOLT ID. The password is mentioned in the instruction in the app.
  5. You have to connect your BOLT module with a WiFi network and connect to Internet.
  6. Finally click on save to complete the setup.
    BLUE and GREEN lights must be stable.
    ** BLUE indicates that your BOLT module is active and GREEN indicates that your BOLT module is connected to the internet.**

You will need to create an account on the Bolt Cloud to control the Bolt device.

Open the Bolt App and click on ‘REGISTER’ to create a new account.

Fill all the required details and agree to the terms and conditions. Finally, click on ‘CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT’ to create your free account.

You will now receive an email on the email ID that you had given to verify your account. This is to verify that you are an actual human and not a robot.

Follow the instructions in the email to activate your Bolt Cloud account. Now, pull down on the screen using your fingers to refresh the mobile App screen which looks something like this below,

You have activated your account. You will then be greeted with a screen that says that you don’t have any Bolts Modules linked to your account.

Adding Bolt to your account

Now, click on the ‘ADD DEVICE’ button to setup your Bolt device with your WiFi network.

Power ON the Bolt device by inserting the Micro USB cable into the USB port provided on the Bolt and connecting the other end of the cable to the Android charger or to your laptop.

NOTE: There are no ON/OFF buttons on Bolt. Once you power it ON, it is good to go.

You can also view this small video to know how you can power up your Bolt device.

Once you have powered ON the Bolt device, blue LED on the Bolt will begin to blink slowly and the green LED will be OFF.

When the blue LED blinks slowly, it means that the Bolt is now transmitting its own WiFi hotspot network and is ready to be setup via the Bolt IoT App on your phone.

Click on the ‘>’ symbol on the app to progress further.

For Android Only: Before proceeding further, kindly switch OFF your mobile data and switch ON the location service in your mobile if not already and click on the “READY” button. This is required only in the Android App due to APIs by Google. We do not collect or store any of your location data.

If the Bolt has been detected by the App, it will show a screen similar to the one below. The blue LED on the Bolt will now blink fast. This means that it is under the setup process. To proceed, click on ‘CONTINUE’.

The password for the WiFi hotspot transmitted by the Bolt WiFi Module is: bolt1234
While setting up with the Android mobile app, your mobile phone will automatically connect to the hotspot when you click next. On an iOS, you will have to connect to the Hotspot by going to your Setting -> WIFi.

Now, we will need to tell the Bolt which WiFi network it has to connect to.

NOTE: The Bolt WiFi module cannot detect 5 GHz based WiFi networks and will not be able to connect to it.

Select the WiFi network to which Bolt has to be connected. You can click on the WiFi name to choose the WiFi network to connect to.

Note: For the iOS App, you will have to manually enter the SSID or the WiFi Name of the device you want to connect to.

Enter the password of the WiFi network you had chosen in the previous screen.

The App will now send the WiFi credentials to the Bolt WiFi Module.

Now, click on ‘DONE’ and in the next screen, select your Country and click on ‘SAVE’ to complete the final step of the setup.

If everything has gone according to plan, the Bolt device will now restart automatically. The blue and green LED on the Bolt device will now be glowing steadily.

If the Bolt was able to connect to the WiFi network and is connected to the cloud, a green dot will appear beside the Bolt’s device ID as shown below.


  • If the Bolt is unable to connect to the WiFi network, the green LED will be OFF and the Blue LED will be blinking slowly. This generally happens if you have entered the wrong WiFi credentials (SSID or password) at the time of setup. Please try the setup process once again with the correct WiFi credentials.
  • Check if your WiFi Router works at 2.4GHz. Bolt does not support 5GHz at the moment.

Accessing the Bolt Cloud to Build IoT Projects

Visit Bolt Cloud ( and login into your registered account using the same email ID and password that you have used on the Bolt IoT mobile App.

You will see your Bolt device with status as ‘ONLINE’ on your account on the dashboard.

Congratulations, you have managed to setup the Bolt and link it to your account.

Is there a specific method to turn off the Bolt device or do we just have to unplug the USB cable?

Hello, I think my words are simply helpful to you, first of all please open a playstore in your mobile phone and signup with you respective Bolt iot ID and password or either if you are login with your personal email id and please login with your respective email id, Then you successfully login your boltiot account then you proceed all the given instructions as it given by the manually and then you will accept all the things continue to your format like this upto you get the dashboard of your bolt account then your bolt module provides unique bolt id and you note that bolt id it is very useful further project purposes and your bolt iot module has two leds 1.Blue and another one is 2.Green if your bolt module get power supply the blue led was blinking then your bolt module connect to the internet your boltmodule blinks green and also blue also thats it i hope this info is useful for you.

Step 1: Take out your WiFi Module
Step 2: Power it on
Step 3: Check your WiFi network frequency
Step 4: Login into the Bolt Cloud
Step 5: Connecting Bolt WiFi Module to the Internet
Step 4: Accessing the Bolt Cloud to Build IoT Projects
What should you do next?
This is the main set up .
But you have to connect your wifi to bolt for that you need to connect your bolt to your phone’s wifi and after that you need to open bolt app and than your bolt wifi module will recognize the internet set up your phone has and bolt wifi module will try to connect to that network you need to write password when it is ask and than you are ready to go.