How to use AWS instead of Digital Ocean platform

hi there,
I have created an account on AWS to complete my training instead of using the Digital Ocean account how can i use AWS to do my projects and training Please give me solution.

Thank you
Nidhin Sebastian M

@nidhin1996 Have you paid for the Cloud Service(AWS) ? As far as I know AWS is expensive than Digital Ocean
Remaining things like creating an instance and selecting the Server speed and storage will be same as Digital Ocean

Hi @nidhin1996 and @me18btech11029,

AWS provides 1 GB t2.micro instance free for one year. You can refer this video to launch ubuntu 16.04 instance on AWS

Not that on AWS ubuntu server, you have to login using the .pem key instead of password.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

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No @me18btech1029 there is 1 year free tier account for everyone who create an account on AWS.

Hey everyone, I’m using google Collab and it works great for me, You should also try it.

It gives us 108gb disk space and around 12gb which can also be upgraded for few bucks.

I need further assistance please do assist to do my training.

Sir, please visit youtube or aws site and get a quick tuitorial of making instances on aws. There are videos available and i used the same way. i don’t have the link of the video else i would have shared it here.thank you.

@nidhin1996 You will have to create an EC2 instance. What operating system do you use? If you use linux then you can login directly from terminal. If you are using windows you have to use putty but when creating ec2 instance you should not forget to download .pem file. Using .pem file and puttyGen you have to create a .ppk file which you can use to login to your server.

I suggest you to use digital Ocean as it is very simple and easy to use compared to AWS

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