How to use multi-sensors with Bolt and Arduino

To send the data to the Bolt cloud of three sensors with Arduino, should I use GPIO communication or UART communication?

Hey @noor.cher
Multiplexing sensors can be a solution for your project. It involves combining multiple sensors into a single system to save resources. By using a multiplexer, you can sequentially connect each sensor to a data acquisition system or microcontroller to read their data. Feel free to provide more details for further assistance.

I’m working on my project using the TSL2561 sensor, the INA219 sensor, and the DHT11 connected to the Arduino Uno. I also used both the GPIO connection and the UART connection with the bolt IoT Wi-Fi, but neither worked.
Not only that, but I even tried every one of them alone, but there is no data sent to the bolt.
Are there some tips to let the bolt cloud receive the data?

only try for DHT11 first if it works fine we can proceed with other two sensors
found reference for DHT11

There is no data sent. Any ideas please.

For me

adafruit_sensor :

download these libraries and add them to your Arduino IDE in “Sketch>Include library> Add .zip library” then select the destination where you download libraries

It worked when I removed the micro USB cable (which I used to connect the Bolt Wi-Fi module) and connected the 5V and GND pins of the bolt to the Arduino. Can someone explain how that worked?

You connected power only to Bolt Wi-Fi module and forgot power to Arduino, I guess?

My work is done, but I want to add a relay to the ina219 to shut down the system
Anyone can help me.

Hey @noor.cher can I know, do you want to shut down the monitoring system or power supply of Home

@zameelalimohammed282 I want to shut down the monitoring system because I’m connecting the ina219 sensor to the solar panel.

Hey @noor.cher can you explain your project to get idea?

I’m trying to make a monitoring system, and I want to add a relay to turn on and off the LED using the panel as a source of energy.

Then just connect 5V relay to Arduino, declare a pin to on/off relay and declare a conditional statement like

if (temp >= threshold_val)
  digitalWrite(relay_pin, LOW);
  digitalWrite(relay_pin, HIGH);

Note: if your relay is Common Closed then change LOW to HIGH and vice-versa.

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I tried to add two buttons to the cloud, and I connected the relay to the bolt, but the interface changed. I want to stay the same.