Html and javascript

how much html and javascript do i need to know according to this course.should i need to take any other alternative course for them to get the work done or is it enough to get started.

You don’t have to go for another course for html and javascript you will learn about these in this course itself that is required in the coding for building the project for IOT.

HTML and JS relevant to the project development are covered under two lectures dedicated to HTML and JS. You don’t have to learn them from anywhere else.

@samadabdul2157 The level of HTML and Javascript explained here is enough for you to carry out the projects assuming you are doing the self assessments regularly. Also if you wish to hone these skills then “” will help you. Here you can solve quizzes, assignments (without logging in) and also read about the topic briefly.

Hii @samadabdul2157.No Samad there’s no need to join any course for HTML and Javascript actually in the tutorial lecture they start with very basics and take the lecture to an intermediate level with very ease So don’t worry and enjoy the course. :slightly_smiling_face: