I am interested to do stock prediction in AI as project in internship. Please guide us in this regard or give the address who can guide us in this regard. We are in need of the program of this project

Please guide us with the program

Before starting a project forecast future stock prices, collect historical stock price data, preprocess it to account for missing information, and determine critical features. Take time series characteristics like technical indicators and moving averages into consideration. Choose a suitable machine learning algorithm for your requirements, such as linear regression, decision trees, or neural networks. Create training and testing sets of your data, train your model, and assess its effectiveness using metrics like Mean Squared Error (MSE). Create a system that uses cloud services for deployment in real-time. Python makes it much easier for you to add up your creativity. But again, you can code in any programming language. Best of Luck!

Hi @djayahr,

As part of the AI Internship below is an 8-step process to be eligible for the Artificial Intelligence Training Assured Internship:

  1. Go through the Artificial Intelligence training content and complete it.
  2. Answer the certification exam and submit it.
  3. Once you clear the exam by scoring 50% or more marks on the exam, you become eligible for assured internships.
  4. Answer 4 forum queries on https://forum.boltiot.com/. The answers need to be precise and should provide an accurate fix to the question posted.
  5. Take any one problem, come up with a proper problem statement, and try to build a project around it utilizing the learnings from the Artificial Intelligence Training. Complete the code for it along with a detailed video explaining the logic behind your code.
  6. Create a video review describing your experience doing this Artificial Intelligence Training. This should be a Video recording of yourself. To get detailed instructions regarding the video go to Student partner task: Video review and once you have the video ready, attach it and submit the form.
  7. Fill out this form to apply for the internship: Artificial Intelligence Internship Project Submission
  8. We will then grade your submission and let you know our suggestions if any.

You should try to do the project on your own using the learnings from the training content and since it is an Internship we do not provide the code.

Let me know if you have any other queries.

To provide you with a code solution for sorting, I need to know more about your specific sorting task. Sorting can be done on various types of data (e.g., numbers, strings, objects) and using different sorting algorithms (e.g., bubble sort, quicksort, mergesort). Please provide more details about the type of data you want to sort and any specific requirements you have for the sorting algorithm so that I can offer a more tailored solution.

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