I am not able to get which mail id is connected with bolt?

I am not able to get which mail id is connected with the bolt .when the bolt is connected with the power supply it directly connected to the cloud. But i am not able to use it. So please unlink the bolt mail id which is registered with it. My bolt ID is BOLT9095513.

Hi @fcsatstem07,

The Bolt Device with ID BOLT9095513 is currently not linked to any account.

If both Green and Blue LEDs on the Bolt WiFi Module are illuminated, the only remaining step for WiFi setup is to link the device to an account. Please provide the Email ID to which the device should be linked so that we can link it.
Once linked, the device will be visible to you when you log in to the Bolt Cloud using the corresponding Email ID.

Really appreciated for your quick response sir. I want this ID BOLT9095513 to be connected with this fcsatstem07@gmail.com.
As you said that the light illuminated process is successfully completing but when connecting to respective mail account its get failed and not connecting to the mail account.


I have now linked Bolt Device BOLT9095513 with the account fcsatstem07@gmail.com. You can now view the device by logging into the Bolt Cloud using the same Email ID.

Yes sir it was connected now . Thankyou so much sir.
Sir why I have faced this issue just because of login through Register option , if I directly login through google login will I face this issue again.
Every thing is connected good but at the last moment it was showing error. It would be great help for me if you suggest and tell exact way to connect. I am following the same method but was not working.

Is it possible to connect two or more bolt to the same mail id. If yes please suggest the steps.

Hi @fcsatstem07,

Using the register option doesn’t cause any issues and even if you use the Google Login option you wouldn’t face any issues. It’s just one of the methods available for accessing the Cloud.

The error you encountered may be due to incomplete WiFi setup for the device using your phone. In the final step of the WiFi setup, clicking the “Verify WiFi Setup” button links your device to your email ID. It’s possible that you missed this step or the app redirected you to the WiFi List page.

We are aware of such issues on certain phone models and are actively working to resolve them.

You may get back to us if you are facing any issues at any step and we will help you out.

Yes @fcsatstem07,

You can connect two or more Bolt WiFi Modules to the same Email ID. The process remains unchanged; you simply need to log in to the app using the same account and follow the WiFi setup steps for each device. Once you complete the WiFi setup for each device, they will be listed together in the dashboard alongside any existing devices.

Thankyou sir for your continuous help.

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It seems like your Bolt device issue needs direct support from their customer service to unlink the email ID properly.

They should be able to assist you promptly with that. When it comes to verifying IDs, it’s crucial not just for devices but also for people you work with. Ensuring that everyone’s personal IDs are valid and accurate helps maintain security and trust within any organization. Whether it’s for access control or verifying customer identities, using reliable methods can streamline these processes and enhance overall security measures.