I am not able to login to boltt app in my mobile

I am not able to login to boltt app in my mobile. kindly suggest.

I keep trying to login to boltt app it is not helping much for me. even reset password also not helping and trying login via facebook application also not helping… kindly help if any1 have the solution for this.

This app is still in development mode, and you dont have access to it.Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions.

It’s preferably to login via your email. So first you login to your email then try to login in bolt app . It will join automatically.

@katari544 The Bolt app does not have provision to log in via Facebook.
Can you please share a screenshot of the application?

hey man try login via google account that is much easy you try this

Use the same email id and password which you have entered on Bolt website. Make sure that your Bolt Iot mobile app should be updated to latest version.

I did that, but still I am unable to login to my app even though I am typing the correct login credentials.

Hi @katari544,

You have used google login for login into Bolt Cloud account. Please click on the Google Sign-in icon on the login screen and use your google account for login into Bolt IoT app.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

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It is showing that google cannot allow signing into this app through a Gmail account. I tried login by login credentials also but it won’t allow me in Bolt.

hey @katari544
once you download bolt app from play store
step1: open your bolt app
step2:enter the email id and password which you been registered during this training.
If you registered with google account then go to login with google (you see below the login page)

I hope you got this.

use the mail you kept for an order of Bolt IOT devices,if you have your mail in your phone,at bottom you will have an option with google.it will directly allows you into your info.

Follow this steps you can get it

Hi @kalaivaniselvakala,

Please share the screenshot of the error so that we can resolve the issue.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Hey same issue. Google said Error 403: disallowed-useragent. Cant sign in inside this app.


Can you please share the screenshot of the error message? This will help us in debugging the issue quickly.

I have signed up using my google account to cloud.boltiot.com, So, when I’m asked to sign in after clicking on my module o the app interface, I am asked to sign in. And when I click on ‘Sign in with Google’, this error pops-up.

Either resolve this issue or help me use my google email account to put a password so that I can sign in through that.

The best would be to direct it to my chrome with my google sign in.

I have the same issue while logging in the Bolt mobile app through my gmail account. Please help!!

Im facing the same error, Kindly help!


Can you have a look at this?

Hello friends,
This error is occurred due to security reasons of the Google Account on Apps. I too faced the same problem and got it solved .
Solution to this problem is very simple !
Kindly refer this image for a better understanding of the solution :point_down:!!!

Hope this helps solve your issue :innocent:!