I am not able to see the video and also no tick is done but i have completed 27%


Hey, the same thing is happening with me. I think there is glitch in the website of some sort. I hope it get resolved soon!

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The same happening with me bro.

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Hey, someone said to use another browser but that doesn’t seem to work as well. I tried Microsoft Edge it didn’t respond as well. I don’t think its just a few of us!

yeah bro…

ok , Thank you. It seems to server problem.

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I am facing the same problem and hope it gets resolved soon.

I am facing the same for 2 weeks. still, it is not working

The same thing is happening with me…I have completed 42% of the course but am not able to proceed further…So please resolve the problem as soon as possible because we need to complete the training ASAP.

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May be Network issues… Try logout and login and see… It works may be

no I have logged out and logged in and checked but it doesn’t work

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My videos are working completely fine. Can you right click in middle of the screen and check if you have an option for “Copy link and thumbnail”?

If this problem persists till tomorrow morning, write a mail to support@boltiot.com

The progress I made earlier is showing as completed and the video thumbnail is visible but the videos are not playing the texts on the other hand are showing

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Exact same thing is happening with me as well. The issue is not being addressed by the support team

I can access the videos without any issue. Can you post a screenshot so that I can see if it can be resolved here itself.

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. The website that we use for hosting our training is giving issues on some of the network providers. Due to this, some of our students are not able to view the videos in the training. We have seen that trying an alternative internet provider e.g. Jio etc solves this issue. Most users have complained about Airtel.

We recommend that you try to access the training videos using a different internet provider and see if you are able to access the training videos. This has worked for all students facing this issue.

Our team is in touch with the website we use for hosting our training and trying to get the issue resolved so that all networks show the videos as expected. We will keep you posted and inform once this is resolved.

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