I am unable to connect Bolt wifi module with my phone

I have tried many times but my module is not getting connect in my phone. Both the light are on but still I am unable to see any thing on my phone and now I am unable to reconnect because Bolt Wifi module is already showing both lights on !!!
Please help me regarding this!

Hi @pranaybhardwaj85,
In that case, I would suggest you change the password of your WiFi network. Then perform setup using the Bolt Mobile App. Once that’s done, if you want to revert your wifi to the previous password, do so and then set up your Bolt again by clicking the add device button in the Bolt Mobile App. Do let me know if you need any other help.

To change wifi password I have to reboot my wifi or configure it again which is not possible.

Hi @pranaybhardwaj85,
Please follow the following steps:
Turn off your wifi router. Now you’ll have to emulate the WiFi network using mobile hotspot. Look at the following example: Let’s say you have a WiFi network called “Apple”.
And its password is “mango”.
So you’ll set your hotspot name the same as the WiFi network name.(Apple)
But you’ll set a different password.(For eg:“sunny”)
Now setup again using the Bolt Mobile App.
Now, set the mobile hotspot to the same network name and password as your WiFi network.
Now setup again using the Bolt Mobile App.
Turn off the hotspot and turn on your wifi router.
Now, the issue must be resolved and your bolt shall connect to your wifi router.

Do let me know if you need any other help.

same problem i m facing,dont think wifi password is an issue as i hv tried with other wifi having different password and on differentmobile too.plz help

Hi @khanbubun, please watch out this video it may help.
Bolt Wifi Change

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Thank you sir ,it worked.but everytime should I repeat those steps to connect it? Isn’t that way that once it gets connected,next time it will automatically be online?

You don’t have to connect everytime. When you connect it to the plug it will be online by itself

@khanbubun once it’s connected, you don’t have to manually reconnect it again and again. The wifi credentials are saved.