I am unable to connect wifi module with my phone

While i am trying it to connect with my phone at the green light is glowing so i am facing this type of issues

Hi @ucse22035 Apologies for the issue. Was the device previously configured to connect to the WiFi network you have at your end? Can you switch off the WiFi network for some time and then power ON the Bolt device to see if the Green LED still stays on?

Do let me know this so that I can take it further to investigate more using the data you provide to the above questions.

I did as per your instruction but i am facing the same issue

Share me your gmail id through which you purchase the training, i will call you for your query.

the bolt iot device may not have any inbuilt problems.if it is aldready connected to any other device you will be unable to connect to it
share your registered gmail id to bolt support or reply to my message the the support team will see it and unlink your device.
any other problem :

  • the light will blink slowly when it is not connected .
  • when it is paring or connecting it will blink fastly .
    *after it is connected the light will not blink and after you connect your wifi to it both lights will be on .
    *after that you can use your laptop or phone (laptop prefered) and login with your registered gmail on bolt cloud and then you can start programing

@ucse22035 Hi First click on ADD DEVICE and then Ready Then open Wifi settings and connect the BOLT DEVICE hostpot by clicking on COPY PASSWORD.Click on done.Next you press continue.and then off mobile data.Then use other phone to switch on Hostpot.Enter the devicename,password of that device and that Continue.Next it shows tick mark its done.Then green light will glow in BOLTIOT MODULE.It is not working your Device is not working so u can consult BOLTIOT Team.