I am unable to execute first project of Light monitoring using LDR

It is showing error as follows:
Please check the plotChart() function in your product code
Undefined variable name time-stamp

Please help


Got the above resolved, but now, I am able to see the intensity of light in thousands…

Please guide what should I do to see the exact unit of light.

Hi @sameertathare ,
Converting ADC value(Reading of pin A0) to illumination value or luminous intensity really depends on the resistance of LDR, the resistor used, etc. As you see, it really depends on many factors. But you can use the sensor reading to easily find the relative light intensity, as light intensity is a function of adc reading.For some LDRs, the resistance drops exponentially as the light intensity increases. Check out this article to get some help. If you need any other help, let me know.

Thank you @raghav.srivastava