I cant connect my device with cloud

so i have powered on my device and connected it to my phone using its hotspot and the blue light is rapidly blinking but when I try connecting it to the cloud …it shows no internet

Hi @honeypotter2102

When you reach at this step, please turn ON your mobile data and click on continue. At this point the blue led has to be stable. Next choose your wi-fi network from the available list of networks and make sure that you enter the correct password of your wi-fi network. Connect to it, now the green led and blue led must be on and stable. Next, click on verify . Done, now the bolt device is connected to the cloud.

If the blue led is blinking slowly, please repeat all the steps above until both the LEDs are stable. If you still face issues, please feel free to get back to us.

im still facing the same issue sir, the blue led is blinking rapidly but even after i turn on mobile date its not proceeding and its showing u need to be connected to the internet,also im not getting the list of wifi available,its telling me to enter ssid and password

Hi @honeypotter2102

As discussed on call your query was resolved by using another mobile phone to setup the device and making sure that the correct network is connected.

If you have any other queries, please feel free to get back to us. Happy learning!

thank u so much for ur help sir

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