I changed the resistor used in the hardware connection of first project

When I connected the 10 k ohm resistor in the light monitoring system hardware, the output readings were not changing inspite of changing the light intensity with time.
so i changed the resistor with the 330 ohm resistor and now the readings are somewhat satisfying.
am i right here?

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Hey, you should make sure that the connections are properly done and the resistor and LDR aren’t touching. If this is done, the resistor might be defective. Using the second resistor with less resistance will give you results but I think the accuracy will be hampered as the highest resistance is 330 ohm. For better results, you can just go and buy one 10k ohm resistor.
Hope this helps! :smiley:

Hi @harshitadalawat,

I am inviting @vinayak.joshi to help you out with your query. He will be replying to you by Monday EOD. Meanwhile, You can continue with your other assignment.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Hi, @harshitadalawat,

I belive what you did has been mentioned in the “troubleshooting your first iot sensor project topic”

You were right in trying it the 330 on resistor

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