I did not get the hardware kit delivered

I have been trying to contact to the number provided to me by email about the kit delivery but no on e responds to my call not I get email about the kit delivery time I am facing inconvenience please let me know where did my hardware kit reach … and when will it reach to my house
I have paid amount for it


What is the status of the kit according to the delivery service?

I did not get any update regarding that that’s what my problem is i don’t know how to track this delivery they didn’t send me any email regarding the kit delivery


When did you place your order? Your delivery details will be rechecked and sent to you once initialized.

Write a mail to support@boltiot.com regarding the same and Ask for shipment details once it is shipped.

Let me know if you have any other queries.

I placed my order 3 days ago and I live in hyderabad can you help me

do you received the invoice after placing the order if so then please wait they will send you the details .Or else you can email them or DM on there social media platform for further clarification