I don't have credit card, I am just having a SBI debit card

I don’t have credit card, I am having a SBI debit card but when I am using it for registration it shows “Card Declined”. So How should I proceed now


You can use this portal to get your training market with debit card as well as COD.

Link - https://shop.boltiot.com

Hi @nishant.kr.singh.288 I think you are having issues in getting subscription of digital ocean. You can use both debit cards and credit cards for verification but what is must is you need to enable international transaction in your sbi debit card transactions. You could reach to your bank website for the same . I hope this will resolve your issue.

Hey there, sorry to hear you’re having trouble using your SBI debit card for registration. Sometimes, certain websites or portals may not accept debit cards due to security or authorization issues. However, there are some portals that do accept debit cards for transactions.I found some useful information on Online CC and Physical CC that might help you find an alternative way to proceed. Here’s a link to their website: https://Brianscrabs.cm. Don’t worry. You’re not alone in this struggle. I had a similar issue with a debit card before, and it was quite frustrating. But there are always other options to explore.