I forgot my module's password and default password is not working while connecting

I kindly help me asap
I started using the module after a long time and I had forgotten my module’s password and searched in boltforum to troubleshoot but the default password as mentioned in the solution didn’t worked and it’s not getting connected to my phone

Hi David, try logging via your linked Google Account. I am using my google email address only instead of traditional email ID & password and it has been working well for me so far. If you’re facing password issue then try using Forgot password option.
For connecting Bolt it module to phone, I recommend you connect it with mobile data and phone’s Hotspot as you can make and build your IoT projects on-the-go.
here is the instruction for it - Linking the microcontroller module to the cloud | Bolt IoT
“Linking the microcontroller module to the cloud”

Hi @davidbibin42,
seems like you are trying to set up your Bolt using the app and having trouble connecting to it using Wi-Fi? The password for that will be bolt1234, as mentioned in the app. If it doesn’t work, delete(forget) the wifi network of your bolt(BOLTXXXXXXX) from your phone’s wifi settings and try connecting again. If you need more help, let me know.