I have multiple problems

  1. I received a scholarship of Rs9600 (training cost cancellation) . So, ordered a Hardware kit of Rs 2750 but I can’t see any details on the Bolt Cloud (boltiot.com) that I ordered any hardware kit.
    It’s showing There are no orders purchased via the email ID of this cloud account that is ‘abivilion0@gmail.com’. Even I received the delivery.

  2. The hardware kit received is not working. the blue light in the chip is not glowing.

  3. I can’t access my training. !Img|375x500](upload://aydFEJDaoclFdJguGAyskUALYdb.jpeg)

Hi when did you received the package?? Because it takes some time for them to update on their system.

Have you connected your power cable correctly??
If you have then and still it is not working, then please try using different wire with Micro USB!
sometimes wires can be faulty.

On 25th November 2020. But, due to my university exam I unbox it later.

I tried 2-3 cables with it. But blue light is not glowing.

How I did it:
First , I inserted the cable (micro-usb) in Chip.
Second, The other end USB inserted into mobile phone charger then plug it in.

Result : No Change in Status of Chip

Hi @abivilion0,

  1. I am not able to find any order with this email id abivilion0@gmail.com* but I can see one order with this email id ayushbhard*****@gmail.com. Is this your email id?
  2. Please record a video of the issue and upload it to google drive and share the public link of the video with us. We will arrange the replacement for your device.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

  1. Yes it’s mine, I deeply apologize to Bolt Team for asking them for rechecking thier order database for my order which I placed mistakenly by my different Email ID. I’m sorry about that.
    But, In the whole process the Bolt Customer Care works very effectively and efficiently. I must recommend my friends and other people for going with Bolt Training. :slightly_smiling_face:

  2. As soon as possible I make the video and send to you.


I hope this helps