I have submitted my CV , did not get the result of selection

After completing my training in iot and ML. I applied to both Bolt InnOvaTe X Decathlon Innovation Lab Internship and Assured Internship but did not receive any mail about the results even checked my spam box too. When will they announce result.

As mentioned in Instructions for Certification Exam, the results will be announced in a week of time or two.

Hi @sce21am053,

Can you please share your email ID so that we can check and get back to you.


Hi @sce21am053,

I have sent you the details via Email.
Please check and reply back to the Mail.
Thank You.

And I have difficulty in finding the problem statement for Decathlon Innovation lab Internship


Can you please elaborate more on what issue you are exactly facing.

Its like I did not received problem statement from your side but , I received link to submit project
Where to find problem statement

Hi @sce21am053,

We have sent you the mail regarding the problem statement with the subject line Decathlon: Internship Problem Statement on 9th July.
Please check the mail once and confirm.
Thank You.