I have submitted my project but did not get any replies

I have submitted my project on wordpress long ago but didn’t get any replies from any one, my project is not public also, and it is showing pending since months

I am also facing this same issue. I have completed my training and got my certificate but my Project is yet not published. Bolt IoT please look into this. Whats the point of publishing the project if it is not public?

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Hi @raunakd, @varadkundanraut,

Submitting a project via the projectsubmissions.boltiot.com is a requirement only for Bolt online course students.

If you were asked to submit a project in this form, you must have also been asked to share a preview URL to your project.

We internally evacuate the project and then put it up on https://www.boltiot.com/projects site.
The state will never change from pending to published on the projectsubmissions.boltiot.com site.

If you want your project to be a part of the https://www.boltiot.com/projects site, and you have not applied for any of the Bolt courses that require you to submit your project on the site, then the next best thing you can do is send your project preview link to support@boltiot.com and have them review your project.

Ofcourse I am student of Bolt IoT and ML online Training.
I am not an outsider. I paid for my training and I did my project as a part of the training.
I even got 88% marks on the certificate.
But still my project was not made public in your website. This must change because I need to avail the public link in order to add it in my Resume.