I have to submit project of Laser Secuirty Alarm System with Telegram Alert using Bolt iot

I want to make Laser secuirty alarm system using bolt iot , I have windows 10 laptop, I want full instruction, and code that can be uploaded in product clde section of bolt iot cloud, and can be linked without error , give me full detailed

Please share the detailed steps that you have tried so far along with the steps you have taken for us to review. Include screenshots of the code. Ideally, I suggest you move to https://replit.com/ instead of Windows 10.

Hey @bhattronak448,
Here’s a link to the instructions for submitting a project: Submitting a project – Bolt IoT project submission
Let me know if I understood your query and was able to solve it.

Creating a Laser Security Alarm System with Telegram Alert using Bolt IoT can be an interesting project. Here’s a general outline of the steps involved:

  1. Gather the necessary components:

    • Bolt IoT module
    • Laser module or laser diode
    • LDR (Light Dependent Resistor)
    • Buzzer or alarm
    • Jumper wires
    • Power supply (USB cable or batteries)
    • Telegram account
  2. Set up the Bolt IoT module:

    • Connect the Bolt module to your computer using a USB cable and configure it using the Bolt IoT mobile app or web interface.
    • Ensure that the Bolt module is connected to the internet and is properly configured to communicate with the Bolt Cloud.
  3. Build the laser security circuit:

    • Connect the laser module and LDR in a way that the laser beam falls on the LDR when the security perimeter is breached.
    • Wire the LDR to an analog input pin of the Bolt module, and the laser module to a digital output pin of the Bolt module.
    • Connect the buzzer or alarm to a digital output pin of the Bolt module.
  4. Write the code:

    • Use the Bolt Cloud interface or the Bolt IoT APIs to write the code for your project.
    • Monitor the analog input pin connected to the LDR to detect changes in light intensity caused by the interruption of the laser beam.
    • When the laser beam is interrupted, trigger the digital output pin connected to the alarm to sound the buzzer or activate the alarm.
    • Use the Bolt IoT APIs to send a message to your Telegram account when the laser security system is breached. You’ll need to configure the Telegram integration in the Bolt Cloud and obtain the necessary API credentials.
  5. Test and calibrate:

    • Upload the code to the Bolt module and test the system.
    • Adjust the sensitivity of the LDR and laser module to ensure reliable detection of the laser beam interruption and minimize false alarms.
    • Test the Telegram alert functionality to ensure you receive notifications on your Telegram account when the security system is breached.
  6. Assemble and document:

    • Once you have tested and validated your laser security alarm system, assemble the components in a suitable enclosure.
    • Document your project, including the circuit diagram, code, and any specific instructions or configurations required for the Telegram integration.
    • Prepare a project report or presentation summarizing your work, highlighting the system’s features, and explaining the implementation details.

Remember to refer to the Bolt IoT documentation and resources for specific details on using the Bolt IoT module, interacting with the Bolt Cloud, and integrating with Telegram.