I need my refund as I dont found your training interesting kindly refund me !According to your refund policy i need my refund at earliest

Hello , @harshitdhoot2003
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We offer a ‘no questions asked’ refund of your full payment for the first 10 days since the date of payment for training that does not include a kit. These training are:

  1. Voice Apps Training
  2. Web Development Training
  3. Augmented Reality Training

And 10 days from the delivery of the kit for training that includes a kit. These training are:

  1. Online Training on Internet of Things & Machine Learning
  2. Online Training on Robotics & Arduino

Visit the following link for more details: Refund policy – Shop
The steps to Initiate refund are as follows :
Please login to the Bolt Cloud https://cloud.boltiot.com/training and from the training page, create a refund request.

Steps to be followed if paid ONLINE

  1. Open a web browser on your computer or laptop. You cannot apply for a refund via mobile phone. Inventrom Pvt Ltd will not be held responsible for delays in the refund if you applied using a mobile phone.
  2. On the web browser go to https://cloud.boltiot.com and log in to the Bolt Cloud using the email id you used to place the order.
  3. Once you log in, you will be shown the following page.
  4. Go to Bolt Cloud. You will find your training listed there.
  5. If you paid for the order via cash on delivery, please keep your Bank account details such as the IFSC code and Account number ready for the next step.
  6. Click on the refund button next to your training.
  7. The web page will then give you the required steps for getting the refund, depending on the training that you purchased.
  8. For training that requires a kit, you will be told to enter a date on which the kit can be picked up from you.

Steps to be followed If COD

  1. Once you click on the refund button, you will be asked for the IFSC code and Account number to which we can transfer the refund.
  2. Once you upload these details, a small amount of money somewhere between 1 and 2 INR will be transferred to your account. You will need to look at your bank account statement after raising the refund request, to see this amount.
  3. Once this amount is credited to your account, you have to go to Bolt Cloud, click on the refund button again, and enter this amount into the page.
  4. Entering this amount on the web page will verify your account details with us and will also confirm that transferring the rest of the amount to this bank account will not have issues.
  5. Your full refund will be transferred to you only after we receive the kit, and you confirm your bank account details using the above steps.

Lokesh Agarwal

Bolt Cloud go to this link , login into your account there you can find refund you can find “refund” field if refund period is not expired .

Its been three days now i haven’t receive my refund

Share your email id through which you purchase the training.

You can visit [ Bolt Cloud ] and check weather you can get the refund.You can only get the refund if refund period is not expired.

I have applied for refund of Bolt IoT kit. The pickup date has passed still didn’t get any response from your side and neither pickup has been arranged.

If Refund period not expired then you can return the kit or else you will not return the kit
Refund policy – Shop?