I want to know about the internship peocess or shift time

Recently i got an internship in bolt lot.The program will be start on 1st March.I want to kno about the shift time and how to join this internship.

Hi @smaitysusmita2002

First ,you will have to clear the training final exam. Once you clear the exam, the internship card will be unlocked on the homepage. This is an online internship wherein BoltIoT will give you tasks that you have to submit. We will review your project and if it is good to go, we will issue the internship completion certificate but if it requires any changes, we will provide you the necessary feedback and then you can resubmit the project.

I get an offer letter from Bilt Iot.But i don’t know how to join the internship process and what’s the shift time.The training will be started on 1st march.

Hi @smaitysusmita2002

Please follow these steps for the internship:

  1. Complete the training which you have enrolled for.( eg. Artificial Intelligence Training)
  2. After completing the course, answer the training final exam in which you have to score minimum 50% to be eligible for internship
  3. If you get eligible for the internships, the internship card will be unlocked on the trainings homepage.
  4. There will be tasks given in the internship dashboard which you will have to complete and then we will grade your project. We will either send you a feedback for improvement or if the project is good, we will issue you a Internship completion certificate.

NOTE: This is an online internship which is based on tasks, there are no shift timings for this internship. You can go ahead and start your training. Happy learning!!!