I would like to learn Python in deep

I’m pursuing training on bolt Iot .I learnt here some basic of Python and I want to learn more fundamental of Python in proper way regarding future refference .
Is there any good book which I should prefer to build up my fundamental.

These should help you get started as a beginner in python -

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I consider you are new to python.This are the following course I took to learn Python.I am still learning though.
1.Learn Python in one day and learn it well by Jamie Chan: Its great book for beginners.It brushes up most of the concepts and the way to use them.
2.Python Essential reference by David Beazely:It helps in gaining practical knowledge of the subject.

Its rather preferred that while studying python in depth you select one field of application like-ML,Data Science ,Backend of web development ,etc so that you don’t feel like you have got to remember everything.
i have one book for ML.It is
3.Python Machine Learning by Sebastian Raschka .
Hope this helps you!! Good Luck.

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Hello rohitsingh,
You can refer to the “INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTING AND PROBLEM SOLVING WITH PYTHON” by jeeva jose and p.sojan lal.

you can learn python from YOUTUBE : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwgFb6VsUj_lQTpQKDtLXKXElQychT_2j


Here are some books for learning Python:

Python Programming

Python for Beginners

Learn Python 3 The Hard Way

Also, for better understanding and for practical knowledge, you could take up some free courses:

Learn Python

Coursera - Python

Nptel Python

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

U can learn python through NPTEL videos or you can get food notes from tutorials point or geeks for geeks.

hi, here is the book based on your choice:
" Powerfull Python by Aaron Maxwell "

Hi @rohitsingh080800,

One site I find interesting to learn advance concept of python is https://realpython.com/

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The best and more efficient way to learn python which I would suggest is to watch the Python tutorial playlist by “”"" Corey Schafer “”""" on youtube.Do watch them,they are really helpful.

You can also learn Python in deep through UDEMY. it provides some python courses FREE.
visit on this link (https://www.udemy.com/share/1000uuBEsTdl1RQXQ=/)

‘Python Crash Course’ by Eric Matthews is a fast-paced and comprehensive introduction to Python language for beginners, who wish to learn Python programming and write useful programs. The book aims to get you up to speed fast enough and have you writing real programs in no time at all. This book is also for programmers who have a vague understanding of the language and wish to brush up their knowledge before trying their hands on Python programming. As you work through the book, you will learn the use of libraries and tools such as Numpy and matplotlib and work with data to create stunning visualizations. You will also learn about the idea behind 2d games and Web applications and how to create them.

If you are too bored from reading and learning through books you can join free courses of python in nptel and unacademy , they will teach you from the scratch and make you go pro on that field.

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Google W3school and select ur desired programming language.