IFTTT issue solved!


For all user who have faced IFTTT issue , please follow the procedure below step by step to get it resolved.

As IFTTT has changed the way devices can access / trigger event on their maker channel the firmware on bolt needed to updated to meet the same requirements.

  1. Update your bolt even if you have done so previously.
    Note: Please do so after 6 PM on 4/10/2016 as the latest firmware will be updated to our cloud by then.
    1.a) Update Steps:
    i) Make sure your bolt is connected to a WiFi with a good internet speed.
    ii) Go to your bolt_ip_address/settings page.
    iii) Click on the Update button present on this page.
    iv) Wait for a minimun of 3 minutes for the update to complete.

  2. Earlier we copied https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger/event_name/with/key/event_key to the API.txt file IFTTT_key value
    Now we only have to copy /trigger/event_name/with/key/event_key to the API.txt file IFTTT_key value
    Where event_name is the even name given on ifttt when making the recipe and
    event_key is the unique key generated by ifttt for your recipe.


i didn’t find the update button on the “bolt_ip_address/settings” page

If you cannot find the update button : “Check out this link for updating the SD card files Updates to the Bolt SD card Files

yaa i got it sir thank you but after pressing the update button the output is"frmware.htm not found"


Please check the version of your bolt firmware by using the setting bolt_ip/version

After following every steps correctly, now my Ifttt experiment is working!!! Hurray.Thanx to BOLT team.


Hey team,

I am not getting mail, after I registered, even test mail is not wokring, my version of bolt is

{“Bolt Hardware Version”:“1.3.0”,“Firmware Version”:“2.2.3”}

Kindly help me out!

After registering on? IFTTT?

Yes, i tried again, IFTTT works for gmail d facebook, ie status for new mail but not for the BOLT!

Guys any update on this, still I am not getting the FB status even in manual testing…

In Manuel testing also you are not getting the status means you may missed some point once see the video and fellow the steps correctly

And in that “IFTTT” website some changes are there means it was updated

May be let me have a try once again!!

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I am too not able to get the mail after the IFTTT changed the whole structure of their website, Any updates about the problem??