I'm facing device issues

Hi sir,
My device is glowing green light and blue light but it is not connecting to the phone. My device hotspot is connecting.I need a personal assistance to solve this.I’m really confused with this. : (

Hi @229y1a3916,

Kindly go through these links for detailed explanation for doing the Wifi Setup of the Bolt Device

Let me know if you are facing any issues.

Disconnect the bolt wifi module and close the bolt cloud app.
After sometime redo all the steps as explained in the tutorials carefully.
below is the link for video referance
Linking the microcontroller module to the cloud | Bolt IoT
Have patience and just follow these steps
Make sure all your devices are connected to the same wifi

Hi @229y1a3916,

Could you please confirm whether you have completed the Wi-Fi setup for the device or not? If you are encountering any ongoing issues, kindly inform us so that we can provide further assistance.