I'm getting a straight line graph for the light monitoring system project even though I changed the light intensities

it is the highest you can get for this sensor in normal room light gives the value far greater than 1.40 so you need only dark and some light room try it fully dark and some light

In normal room light,it gives a straight graph.For getting a variable graph,you have to place it in variable lighting conditions.Also,check your connections or restart your module. Check the connections of the resistor to a0 pin and GND.Try covering the LDR with your finger, and clicking on push data while your finger is on the LDR.Also look at the time of update.

I suggest you to place it in sunlight around evening 5 to 7 and I bet you will be amazed to see the variation . I did it and the results turned out to be good and interesting . I took the data for every 15 min.

Please change the code.

Yes, the same thing happened to me also. Actually, the LDR given to us with the kit is quite less sensitive to light, it gives 1024 output even if we put it in room light, so to deal with this you have to turn your room light off and try pushing the values. I got a minimum value of 17 even after turning off the light and making my room fully dark, it is due to the wifi and power LED on the bolt module. So, try this it will definitely give you a positive result.

The light sensor provided in the kit can measure intensity 0 to 1024 units.
I faced the same issue, so i switched off the light in my room, the blue and green LEDs in the wifi module were enough to show marked variation in the light intensity.

Hello ! @Deepraj1729 I would recommend you try to take readings in complete dark and light . if still it does not resolve the problem then try to change resistor which is connected to LDR serially to form a balanced voltage divider circuit. If you have used the resistor 10k ohm replaced it with 330 k ohm and then try to take readings .
Also make sure that You have not bend the LDR towards any led [i.e. the blue or green ones which are on the bolt Wi-Fi module] which might have resulting in the static value and also make sure that the resistor pin and ldr’s pin have not contacted any where.
Also, check your connections or restart your module.

The very first thing you need to check is you have connected LDR and resistor properly without touching the wires coming out of ground and voltage pin on Bolt Wifi module. And make sure that you have inserted one lead of LDR and one lead of 10k ohm resistor in analog pin(A0) of bolt module because LDR is an analog input device which works between 0 to 1 voltage level. Then sometimes it happens that due to constant light intensity in surrounding environment , we get constant values in your case it is showing 1024. So try changing the position of device or you may try creating complete dark environment at your current position and then push the data to the cloud ,you will surely get variation in the value. I hope this helps!

same problem arises here too. I have kept the whole setup in extremely dark room but no visible changes in the graph could be seen. I have also tried replacing the 10k resistor with 330ohm but no changes in the graph could be seen. I even tried covering ldr with the finger and covering the blue and green led light with a cloth, still no marked variations could be seen. what should I do now? please suggest me some other possible solution to this .


Can you try redoing the connections on some other bed on the breadboard?

I believe the connections are fine. The readings are stable as well. You need to actually put into actual darkness, so that no light particles are absorbed on the surface of LDR.

Let me know of it still does not solve the issue.

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okay. I will try this and let you know.

I tried doing connections once again on some other bed on the breadboard and it is working fine. Marked variations could be seen now. Thankyou so much for your guidance.

I have a query regarding sharing of the project. If i share the link of any project with someone, then how could they control my bolt module? why not only I can control it as the whole setup is in my hands. The ldr sensor can only sense the link ght of my current location and only if circuit is switched on. Will others whom I share my project can only see the data or what ?


The public share of device will generate the device view link of your device. Which would be publicly accessible.

The Device link will look somewhat like this


Which will open the ‘View Device’ page when the toggle is turned ON.

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alright. I got it. thanks