In Project 14 ,getting sensor_bound not defined Error

I coded exactly as shown in the training.But I am getting “sensor_bound not defined” error.I can able to get sensor values.

Hey @konaabhishek1508 ,

Please upload your source code and image for better understanding of your problem.

Thank you.

Iam unable to upload pics of my code.

Hi @konaabhishek1508 ,

Then please copy and paste your code so that we could understand your problem better and rectify it properly.

Thank you

I wrote my code in VMware.In that I have been using Ubuntu OS.In that I cant find copy option.

Thank you @choudharyaakash066 for responding.I am sharing pics of my code by following links.

Hey @konaabhishek1508,

Your readings are not very clear. May this could be the issue.

Try turning the torch immediately to the sensor. It should take no more than 3-5 seconds.

Thank you.

check for uppercase and lowercase aphabets


You haven’t shared the entire code in the images that you have posted.
As the error suggests, there is an issue near the variable/exception “sensor_bound” that you used but not defined.

Can you please check for the same an if possible share the entire code so that we could debug it for you?