Interfacing Bolt with Arduino Nano

I wanted to switch pump ON/OFF using MOSFET.
The MOSFET requires 5V to act as switch but BOLT can supply maximum of 3.3V via its Digital Pin.
I have a spare Arduino Nano which can supply 5V through digital pins, is it possible for Bolt to instruct Nano to control its digital output pin?

I could interface to read from digital pin of Arduino.

But couldn’t understand the examples given in Github repo to set the digital pin. Can someone please explain…

You could simply use a digital pin on both boards for communicating the details.
Write a python script and write onto a digital pin on Bolt(0/1/2/3/4) HIGH when you want to activate the pump and use a pin on Arduino Nano as input. When the pin goes HIGH, another pin on Nano which is connected to the MOSFET switch should get activated(HIGH).

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