Internet requirement for controlling devices from bolt

Does the bolt device need to connect the internet all the time? I am learning plant monitoring 1st project. i am putting device with my plant with power always on. does it need to connect the internet all day or the net can be off?

Answer please I am unable to understand.

hey dear, you have to give internet connection all the time when you are using your bolt device. Internet is mandatory for all IoT devices. Also remember, iot means internet of things, this name itself explain the importance of internet in all your project based on iot.

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Hey @satyamrana88 yes you need an internet connection for your Bolt Iot module so that it can push the data(readings of light) to Bolt cloud.
Hope I’ve answered your question.

Yes. The Bolt device runs on a WiFi module and hence it requires an internet connection all the time so that whenever any reading is recorded it can be sent to the Bolt Cloud and the user can view them. Both Cloud connection and internet connections are required for the working and hence the internet has to be provided. You can connect to home wifi or other local area network of you can not have your mobile around it and of your mobile hotspot is powering the device.
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yes you need bolt to be connected to internet all the time for getting readings
thank you

Yes. You need a stable internet connection for the bolt device to record the readings of any project. That too the internet connection must be with the same network which you used while creating bolt cloud. Else, the bolt wifi module will not work.

Connecting to internet is necessary because you bolt module is connected to bolt cloud and cloud is operational with internet so yes you need internet connection all the time .

it needs to be connected to the internet as long as you are want to take in the input . i won’t advice you to keep the module on for the whole day as it may heat the device and damage it’s components. try to take reading at different times of the day which will bring variations as well as solve your problem.

Yes you will need internet connection always so that data will be always uploaded on cloud.