Internship Opportunity at Chai Kahani

Chai Kahani, based in Hyderabad, Currently Operating 3 Cafes & 2 Kiosks. Chai Kahani Started in the year 2016. To keep it simple, they are a cafe for chai.

They are planning to start stores for the masses, and since the margins are so low in this industry, they want to monitor the usage so they can save a lot of inventory and wastage.

They want to use IoT technology to cut down the waste of inventory and monitor the total quantity of chai served every day. So they are looking for students who can build a system to track the number of cups served at a designated location.

They are not a tech company. The complete project prototype will have to be built by you. If you are interested, you may create a small prototype and share a video with them. If they find it interesting, then you will be invited to build the final system for them. It is a paid internship if you are selected to build the final system.

Email your videos and writeup of how you wish to solve the problem to

Other details
Here is how the container at Chai Kahani looks. Your solution should be such that it should be fitted over the tap to measure every time tea flows through it.

Possible solution
Use the feature of Bolt Cloud Pro to measure every time the tea flows. Send this data to Bolt Cloud and plot it as a table with a timestamp. Once the data is on Bolt Cloud, it can be easily set up to be shown in different ways as per the requirements of the client.


@PPV Hello. Sir, What is its last date to submit ?

There is no specific deadline. The company will close the internship offer once they get the project that fits the requirements. Hence its suggested you share your project at the earliest.

@PPV sir, means those who don’t have Bolt Cloud Pro can’t submit the solutions because the lower version of Bolt Cloud doesn’t offer those services :frowning:

Is this project still active?

ya, is this project still active?