Internship opportunity: Community manager for 2021

We are looking for a community manager intern. Do check this link for more information on the role and how to apply Community Manager at BoltIoT


i have already applied but no reply yet

@sudaund We did not receive your application. Did you apply on the above link? Could you click on the link and apply again?

@joyner.fernandes1 mam, I will be submitting my application till evening. Will it be considered?

@vishalvats2000 Yes. Please go ahead and apply.

Applied succesfully!
Kindly check it :blush:

@SYED_ILYAS you will get an email after your response is submitted. :slight_smile:

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Yea! I got it
Thank you so much

@joyner.fernandes1 Mam when a call, regarding the final selected candidates, will be taken?

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Have you guys received an acceptance/rejection mail?

When a candidate submits the initial application form then he/she receives a mail for acknowledgement of application. Then after that, a mail will be shared where you have to fill some options.

Then if you are selected you have to schedule a Telephonic Interview which is the first-round and then further rounds will be scheduled.

Hope I cleared some doubts :slight_smile:

Sounds good, did you got selected ?

Yes for the first round

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How was it? What did they ask?

It’s scheduled for 14. Can’t tell anything more as of now. Will inform you after sometime

Thats cool bro, all the best :heart:

Thanks @ayanghosh974

i sumitted my application today will it be considered. please reply mam @joyner.fernandes1

Hey how was it? What did they ask? What after the phone call?