📚 % Introducing: Your Personal Progress Tracker on Bolt IoT Trainings

Have you ever wondered, “How much of this course have I conquered?” or “Did I actually finish that topic, or did I just dream it?” Well, fret no more! We’re rolling out a shiny, new feature that’s going to change your learning game!

:mag: What’s This All About?

  • Percentage Progress Indicator: Now, each time you log in, you’ll see a nifty little percentage showing just how much of the course you’ve devoured. It’s like a high score in a video game, but for learning. How cool is that?
  • Checkbox Galore: Next to each topic, you’ll find a checkbox. Completed a topic? Check it off! It’s like a to-do list, but way more satisfying. Feel the rush of checking off items and watch your progress soar!

:tada: Why You’ll Love It:

  • Visualize Your Victory: See your progress in a clear, visual format. It’s like watching your brain getting buffer by the day!
  • Stay on Track: No more guessing what you’ve covered. With checkboxes, you’ll know exactly where you left off. It’s like breadcrumbs, but for learning.
  • Motivation Booster: Watching those percentages climb is like a cheerleader for your brain. Go, you!

:rocket: Get Ready to Level Up Your Learning Experience! So dive in, start checking off those topics, and watch your progress percentage climb. You’re not just learning; you’re on a mission to hit 100%!

Remember, every checkmark is a high-five from us to you. Let’s crush this learning journey together!

Happy Learning and Checking Off, The Bolt IoT Team :mortar_board::wrench::tada:

P.S. If you find yourself checking off topics just for the fun of it, we totally get it. That’s the power of a good checkbox! :wink: